TUES.   AUG  7       HI AGAIN.  I  WILL OPEN ON THURS. AUG 9  FOR AFEW RASPBERRIES AND SOME EVANS CHERRIES.  AS I’VE STATED , RASPBERRIES AND CHERRIES ARE $3.85/LB AND I WILL HAVE SOME FROZEN CHERRIES @ $30.00/12 CUP BAG. CASH ONLY PLEASE, OPEN 10- 5,CLOSED TUES AND WED AND PLEASE BRING YOUR CONTAINERS TO TRANSFER FROM MY     BUCKETS TO YOUR CONTAINERS BYE FOR NOW, GARY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        FRI.  AUG  10      HI FOLKS. STILL SOME RASPBERRIES AND SOUR CHERRIES  FOR THE WEEKEND PICKING. PLEASE READ THE PREVIOUS REPORTS ON WHEN OPEN, CASH, AND PRICE OF BERRIES, AND DON’T FORGET TO BRING YOUR CONTAINERS TO TRANSFER FROM MY BUCKET TO YOUR CONTAINER. IF YOU WISH TO PITT YOUR FRUIT, PRICE IS $3.00/BUCKET AND    YOU’LL NEED A TIGHT FITTING LID FOR YOUR CONTAINER . BYE FOR NOW. GARY                                               SUN,    AUG 12     HI  AGAIN.  STILL SOUR CHERRIES AFTER HEAVY PICKING ON THE WEEKEND.  THE RASPBERRIES HAVE BEEN PICKED OUT , AND I SUSPECT IT MAY BE A WEEK BEFORE  MORE RASPBERRIES WILL BE AVAILABLE. YOU MAY WANT TO COME OUT MONDAY FOR SOUR CHERRIES AS I’M CLOSED TUES AND WED. TAKE CARE.  GARY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       MON.  AUG 13         HI EVERYONE.  THIS AFTERNOON  VERY LARGE FLOCKS OF STARLINGS ARRIVED  WITH THEIR HUNGER FOR SOUR CHERRIES. BECAUSE OF THIS , I’M GOING TO STAY OPEN UNTIL DARK EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK UNTIL THE CHERRIES ARE ALL PICKED. FOR THOSE STILL WANTING  SOUR CHERRIES , PRICE REMAINS @ $3.85/LB, CASH ONLY PLEASE, DO BRING CONTAINERS FOR TRANSFER FROM MY BUCKETS , AND FOR THOSE WISHING TO PITT THEIR FRUIT, LIDS FOR THEIR CONTAINERS. BYE FOR NOW, GARY                                                                                                                                                                                                               TUES.  AUG 14               HI FOLKS,  SORRY TO REPORT THAT THE BIRDS FINISHED OFF THE CHERRIES LAST NIGHT AND EARLY THIS MORNING. MY NEXT PICKING REPORT WILL BE WHEN MORE RASPBERRIES ARE READY TO BE PICKED. BYE FOR NOW, GARY                                                                                                                                                                                   SUN.   AUG 26             HI FOLKS,   THE ORCHARD IS FILLED WITH WASP’S . THEY HAVE ATTACKED ALL FRUIT, SO HAVE DECIDED TO CLOSE THE ORCHARD FOR THIS YEAR. THANK YOU TO ALL THOSE WHO CAME AND PICKED WHEN THE WEATHER WAS NOT HELPFUL. TAKE CARE. TALK TO YOU NEXT YEAR. PLEASE CHECK MY PICKING REPORT MID JUNE /2019.BYE FOR NOW.